Funny April Fools Pranks 2022

April Fools Quotes For Girlfriend, Funny April Fools Pranks 2022

April Fools Day Quotes Funny In Hindi
Sine Me Dil,
Dil Me Dard,
Dard Me Yaqin,
Yaqin Me Khyal,
Khayal Me Khwab,
Khuwab Me Tasvir
Tasvir Me Sirf Ap!
Itna Darawna Khuwab?
Baap Re Baap

April Fool Fb Quotes
Sardar Got Into A Bus On 1st April
When Conductor Asked For Ticket.
He Gave Rs.10/-
And Took The Ticket And Said April Fool.
I Have Pass.

April Fools Quotes For Instagram
Today, Tomorrow And Forever There Will Be One Heart That Would Always Beat For You.
You Know Whose???
Your Own Stupid
Aprill Fooooooolllllllll

April Fools Quotes For Girlfriend
I Miss U A Lot Dear....

Karina Kapoor

Message Centre:

" Don't Get Excited. She Sent It To Me."

Good April Fool Quotes
The Difference Between
Genius & Fool Is That Mastermind
Has Limits Fool Has No Limits.

April Fools Day Humor Quotes
You Are
Hilarious. Don’t You Believe Me? You Really Are, Ask Anyone.

Happy April Fool Quotes
If Today Any 1 Talks & Praises U 4 Ur
1) Good Looks
2 ) Nature
3 ) Style
4 ) Attitude,
Kick Them Off.
How Dare They Fool U Before April 1st.

April Fools Quotes For Instagram
Plz Open This
After 2 Days At Saturday.

I Know U Can't Wait.
So Congratz.
U R A 1st Fool Of 2022.
April Fool In Advance

April Fools Inspirational Quotes
New Financial Year, New Fools.
But How Can We Ignore The Old Fools Like You.
It's A Crowning Moment For You. Have A Rocking Special Day!

April Fool Quotes In Hindi
1st April Ko Logo Ko Fool Banane Ke 7 Tarike:

Ye Tha Pehla Tarika Baki Kal.............April Fool Sms

April Fools Day Love Quotes
A Day Will Come When The World Will
Your Name,
Your Fame,
Your Personality And
Your Views.
But April Fool Comes Once In A Year And
That Your Day.

Latest April Fool Quotes In Hindi
Rangeen Ho Tum Rangon Se Bhi Zyada
Khubsoorat Ho Tum Khoobsoorti Se Bhi Zyada
Agar Aisa Sochte Ho To
Bewqoof Ho Tum Sab Se Zyada

Nice April Fool Quotes
Hey U Know Which Is The Best Day To Propose A Girl… April 1
U Know Why??
If She Accept Its Your Luck Otherwise Just Tell April Fool

April Fool Jokes For Facebook
Count S In
Siht Si Woh Ot Ekam A Diputs Ysub
(Hint - It Should Be 5)
Read Caps Word Reversely.

April Fools Quotes Of The Day
I Am Fool.. I Am Fool....
I Am Fool....
I Am Fool....
I Am Fool....
Ok Ok Cool
I Agree You Are Fool
Control Urself
Happy April Fool Wishes.

April Fools Day Quotes On Facebook
Plz Call Me
Its Urgent
Ek Accident Ho Gaya Ha
Aap Ka Hi Blood Group Chahiye
Plz Manna Mat Karna
Gadha Mar Jayega.

April Fool Jokes Or Quotes
I May Forget To Wish You On Holi, Diwali, Xmas Or Even New Year;
But I Am Very Thankful To God That I Remember And Wish You On A Very Special Day Meant For People Like You.
Happy April Fool!

Quotes On April Fool
Misses U..
Needs U..
Worries About U
Lonely Without U
Guess Who?
The Monkey In
The Zoo

April Fool Pranks Quotes
Today, Tomorrow And Forever There Will Be One Heart That Would Always Beat For You.
You Know Who Is???
Your Own Stupid!!!

April Fools Day 2018 Quotes
Am Going To U.S.A.
Dont Worry The Flight Is After 2 Days
After 2 Days It's 1st April,
U R 1st Fool Of 2022

April Fools Day Pranks Quotes
Sibbi Ki Garmi Ki Kasam...
Murree Ki Sardi Ki Kasam...
Musharaf Ki Vardi Ki Kasam...
Adnan Sami Ki Charbi Ki Kasam...

"U R Very Fool . . . . ;->

Funny April Fools Pranks Quotes
Amazing Six Facts:
1.90% Of People In Myanmar Do Not Drink Milk
2.Snakes Vision Is Up To 5 Kilometer.
3.A Man Can Touch Sun If His Body Is Completely Surrounded By Mercury.
4.No Twins Have Been Born Till Now In Greenland.
5.Zebra Does Not Have Liver.
6.All The Details Are False.
Thanks For Beleiving Me For A While.
April Fool..