2022 April Fool Best Quotes

April Fool Quotes And Sayings, April Fool Best Quotes 2022

April Fool Quotes And Sayings
A Fool Flatters Himself, A Wise Man Flatters The Fool. - Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

April Fools Quotes About Love
If U Save This Msg, It Means I'm Cute. If U Edit This, I'm Still Cute. If U Fwd This, U R Spreading That I'm Cute & If U Erase This, U R Jealous Of Me Coz I'm Cute!

April Fools Day Quotes
My Friend The Best Quality I Like About You Is That You Are Very Sentimental
10% Senti
And 90% Mental!!!

April Fool Best Quotes
The Maple Syrup's Full Of Ants.
A Mouse Is Creeping On The Shelf.
Is That A Spider On Your Back?
I Ate The Whole Pie By Myself.
The Kitchen Sink Just Overflowed.
A Flash Flood Washed Away The School.
I Threw Your Blanket In The Trash.
I Never Lie
APRIL FOOL! - Myra Cohn Livingston

April Fools Quotes For Boyfriend
When Things Go Wrong
When Sadness Fills Your Heart
When Tears Flow In Your Eyes
Always Remember 3 Things
1) I Am With You
2) You Have Money
3) Bar Is Open, Lets Go.
Happy April Fool Day.

April Fools Day Best Quotes
31st March Or 1st April
Fool Is Fool Dosnt Matter.
Wishing Very Happy, Prosperous And Joyful
Fool Day To The King Of Fools.. :)

Cool April Fool Quotes
Dis Is A VIRUS . . .
Vn U Turn Ur Phone Off, It WON'T WORK AGAIN...

April Fools Day Quotes
Mil Gaya,
Mil Gaya Mughe KOI Mil Gaya.....
Oye Oye Mil Gia
Mil Gia , Oye Mil Gia
Sach Me Mil Gaya Yaar..............
April Main Mara SMS Padhne Wala Ik Or FOOL Mil Gaya, HELLO FOOL

April Fools Day Quotes Funny
God Made Day Light And Called It Sun;
God Made Entertainment And Called It Fun;
God Made Night Light And Called It Moon;
God Made A You And Called It Cartoon.
Happy April Fool!

April Fools Day Quotes Jokes
Jab Tum Aaine Ke Paas Jaate Ho To Aaina Kehta Hai
Beautiful Beautiful?
Aur Jab Tum Aaine Se Dur Jate Ho To Aaina Kahata Hai
? Aprilfool, Aprilfool ?

April Fools Day Quotes For Facebook
Agar Apse Koi Kahe K Aap
To Rakh K Thapper Daina Us Ko....?

April Fools Day Quotes Tagalog
Relationships Are Precious,
Do Not Hurt Them By Fooling
And Lying On April Days / April Fool.

April Fools Day Quotes For Tumblr
Aap Jaisa Koi Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye To Baat Banjaye
Aap Jaisa Cute Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye To Baat Banjaye
Aap Jaisa Cute Meri Zindagi Mein Aaye To Baat Banjaye
Aap Jaisa Bewakoof Meri Jhhoti Baaton Per Yakeen Kare To “APRIL FOOL” Banjaye…

April Fools Day Quotes For Pinterest
Please Call Me Urgent..





Janab Message To Pura Padh Liya Kro. Pata Nhi Kon Kub Pahle April Fool Bana De.

April Fools Day Quotes 2022 In Hindi
Ulfat Ke Darap Pe Furakat Ka Yu Sharmana
Ulfat Ke Darap Pe Furkat Ka Yu Sharmana
Uper Vali Lines Samajh Me Aa Jaye To Mujhe Zaror Batana :)

April Fool Quotes In English
God Made A Daylight And Is Called Sun
God Made A Daylight And Is Called Sun
God Made A Entertatemaint And Is Called Fun
God Made A Nightlight And Is Called Moon
God Made A You And Is
Called Cartoon

April Fool Quotes Funny
The Men Who Are Feeling Left Out Because Of Women's Day,
Don't Feel Sad... Men's Day Is Coming Soon, Just That Across The World It's Called By A Different Name On April 1st !
April Fool

April Fool Quotes For Friends
It Is Impossible To Make Anything Foolproof Because Fools Are So Ingenious.
~ Murphy's Law
Happy April Fool!

April Fools Quotes For Boyfriend
Best SMS Of 1950s:
Was There A Mobile Phone At That Time?
Use Some Common Sense. U Just Start Enjoying Whatever Is Sent To U.
Happy April Fool’s Day 2022!

April Fools Quotes For Girlfriend
U R The Most CUTE Persons In The World!
Just A Second, Don’t Misunderstand.
CUTE Means: