When is World Daughter's Day, World Daughter's Week 2022

When is World Daughter's Day, World Daughter's Week 2022

Daughters Day falls on 25th September in the year 2022

World Daughter's Day is observed on January 12 and this year also, the World Daughter's Day 2022 is celebrated on the same date i.e. 12th January 2022.

Daughter's Day is just there to celebrate the love and affection towards the girl child. This day of daughters is must to be celebrated as it reminds us that Daughters stands next to Sons and there is no superiority or inferiority type of thing between them. Daughter is equal to sons and in many ways more than that. There is no reason why the daughters not deserve the love and affection which the son has.
There is no reason why we should feel pity for our daughters.

Unicef and CRY observes September 24 every year as the day of the girl child.

It would be party time for those with high incomes, the middle class tells that they truly love their daughters and they are really special and the businness people see as an opportunity or idea for a new market to be developed.

When fathers come home, daughters run to the door and give a big hug, and if you felt anything bad or miserable that day, that is gone from the daughters hug. Daughters are the best gifts for parents. Daughters make their parents proud as well as their country. Daughters comes as angels in their parents life. The relations to a girl child could be many but she is a daughter first of all. A lady acts as a mother, grand-mother, wife, sister but first she is a daughter. A Daughter means love and happiness. Without daughters or without females, the world would be so dull and boring like a garden without a flower. The week of World Daughters Day is also celebrated as "Daughter's Week" in various parts of the world.

All over the world where girl child is not seen with respect and love but with hatred, the girl foetuses are aborted , new-born girls thrown away, the girl child treated badly, given less food and do not take care of their well being and education. In these places, Girls are seen as a material and seen with negative eyes, in some places the girls are burnt for dowry. This must be stopped and the change must take place now. This is just enough of ill treating the girl child. In a Country like India where most of the deities are female goddesses, this is very unfortunate.

World Daughter's Day is on 12th January every year and National Daughters Day is celebrated on 4th Sunday of September. National Sons and Daughters Day is on 11th August. So, it could be said that a day or two might have been associated with Daughters Day but as everybody love their daughter's, a day is just not enough for our pretty daughters. Don't you think? It could be a marketing gimmick but it also seems a wonderful opportunity to extract or demand presents from the loving daddy. But even on a side note, when there are days like Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Valentines Day and days like Teddy day, then there should be absolutely no problems for having a World Daughters Day.

How India sees World Daughter's Day?

For Indians, every day is our daughter's day and no doubt, all the world also sees this in true spirit that everyday is a daughter's day. In India, there is saying that goes like this, "A son is a son till he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter for life". This itself explains everything. A son might change after his marriage but a daughter remains a daughter for the whole life. A son might not take care of his parents in their old age but a daughter will. So, occasion like world daughter's day gives us an opportunity to showcase our love for our daughters and tell them that the daughter is a gem in our life. There is also a tradition in India of touching their parents feet in the morning and then go to work as touching of feet of mother and father is considered sacred and the mother father is regarded as god. A son touches the feet of his parents and the female child is not even allowed to touch her parents feet. She is to touch her in-laws feet after she gets married. Do you know why a girl child is not allowed to touch her parents feet as the son does? Because the girl child is seen with great dignity and loved as a goddess. Thay is also the reason why in Navratri festival of India, girl child are embraced in various Hindu homes and the people touch their feet for the blessings of the Goddess Durga.