When is Daughter's Day 2023

When is Daughters Day in 2023

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Daughters Day falls on 24th September in the year 2023

Daughters Day date varies across countries and is celebrated on different dates across the world. On this day, parents wish the love of their lives, the little angels, Happy Daughters Day. There might be some confusion regarding when is National Daughters Day or when is Daughters Day 2023. National Daughters Day 2023 can be celebrated on the fourth Sunday in the month of September. Otherwise October 1 has also been known to be celebrated as National Daughters Day. Loving wishes pour in from all corners of the world cheering and adoring every lovely daughter who is the light of her parents’ and close ones’ lives. National Daughters Week or Daughters Week is also celebrated.

Daughters day in India

Daughters Day date might vary in different parts of India. Some people are known to celebrate Daughters Day on September 22, while some other people celebrate it on September 28. There are more who follow the convention of celebrating Daughters Day on the fourth Sunday in the month of September and some others have also been known to celebrate it on October 2. The hype and enthusiasm associated with Daughters Day is more prominently felt in the metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. People shower warm and generous wishes on their beloved daughters.

Daughters Day US

Daughters Day wishes flow freely from beloved parents to their daughters during the Daughters Day celebrations in the United States(US). The beautiful innocent flashing smile flitting across the daughter’s face is a cherished and coveted thing for every parent. To bring this smile on their daughter’s face, parents bestow gifts, select items, chocolates, fresh flowers, dresses, jewellery and lot others. Parties are planned. Activities are chalked out. Daughters Day in US is an occasion for parents and other family members to bond with daughters and spend some exclusive moments together to cherish for the rest of the lifetime.

Daughters Day UK

Daughters Day in UK is celebrated all over with great enthusiasm. The parents wish their daughters Happy Daughters Day and go out of their way to plan the day and make this daughters day special for them. People in Britain(United Kingdom) shower Daughters Day gifts on their daughters and wish them with cards and flowers. Daughters are parents’ best friends and being sensitive and loving combined with the grace and softness of the female race, they grow up to be sweetest friends to the aged parents. Daughters are also always busy playing the perfect wife and the darling sister, caring friend apart from their role of graceful daughters. Daughters Day is a fitted occasion to celebrate the glory of womanhood.

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